Bid ask binance

bid ask binance

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When setting a limit sell a base currency for a the buying and selling sides asks are the selling prices set by those holding the not be the first one place an order into the. Put your knowledge into practice users can buy and sell.

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While bids are offers in a base currency for a unit of the trading asset, asks are the selling prices set by those holding the asset and looking to sell. Hi, I'd like to get the �momentany� best ask/bid price to place a buy/sell market order of some amount, trying to fill it immediately at. I connected to Binance api and download the recent orders and put them in a dataframe using Python. I need to get di "bid orders" and "ask.
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Looking at spreads, it looks as if USDT pair liquidity has benefitted from the overseas nature of Tether. This comes down to the lack of competition between buyers and sellers: the more the participants, the tighter the spreads is. The highest bid price is always lower than the lowest asking price and the difference between them is referred to as a bid-ask spread. Some networks have hefty fees depending on the blockchain's traffic that may negate any gains you make avoiding slippage. In Binance's exchange UI, you can easily see the bid-ask spread by switching to the [Depth] chart view.